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Is It Worth It Scrap Old Hot Water Heater Hot Water

Jan 05 2018 Absolutely worth taking it down to your local scrapper And to maximise your return if its copper if you can strip it down to remove all the noncopper material so its just the copper then you should get a better rate if paying by the KG rather than a mixed rateKG or a

Is There Any Value To Our Old Copper Hot Water Tank

Jan 17 2012 Messages 773 15 Jan 2012 4 Last time I checked scrap copper is approx 4 per kg A standard 30 gallon copper cylinder is appprox 11kg so cylinder is worth approx 44 Any other bits you have will bump up the price Also separate the brass fittings as they will be a higher price per kg P

Hot Water Heater The Most Energyefficient Water Heating

A standard immersion heater will cost roughly 150 to purchase and install 120 for the installation process and around 30 to buy the actual immersion heater How much of my energy

Immersion Heater Element Solar Panels Solar Panels Forum

Nov 07 2015 I am looking to fit an immersion heater in my copper tank I will then be adding a Honeywell Optismart system to divert excess generated power to the heater My questions are What wattage immersion heater would be the optimum Low or high 500W to 3KW What length heater should I fit Do either of these matter

When Should I Use My Electric Immersion Heater

Apr 13 2014 Secondly electric immersion heaters are not necessarily expensive at all We get a years hot water by daytime electric immersion for just 219 a year This gives us four showers a day plus handwashing Its all about control You should always put an immersion heater on a timer and adjust the timer according to the time of year

7 Best Tankless Water Heaters 2021 Reviews Luxury

Durable Copper immersion two heating elements field Serviceable Flow Rate up to 44 GPM but its higher flow rate and reliable performance are worth every penny you spend on it 6 Black and Decker BD18DWH Electric Tankless Water Heater Your old conventional water heater has been working for many years but sadly its time is

Immersion Heaters Which

An immersion heater is an electric water heater that sits inside a hotwater cylinder It acts a bit like a kettle using an electric resistance heater which looks like a metal loop or coil to heat the surrounding water Immersion heaters are connected to their own power supply via a cable

Quotquickquot Combined Calorifier Immmersion Heater Ybw

Mar 21 2017 Domestic immersion heaters are available with copper Incoloy or titanium sheaths Copper is only suitable for soft water use but is not suitable for use in stainless steel tanks I assume the calorifiers are stainless steel so this rules out copper sheathed immersion heaters

Stuck Fast Immersion Heater

Jun 07 2010 Jun 7 2010 1 Hi Guys Attended a customers house to replace old 16 yearsfor new immersion heater I could not get the br out for love nor money tried the usual heat hairdryer light blow torching to no avail Didnt want to tug to hard for fear of tearing the casing In the end I sprayed all the top of the nut with penetrating oil

Burned Wire In The Immersion Heater Screwfix Community

Aug 21 2020 I have replaced an immersion heater a few months ago and recently it stopped working The wire connecting the thermostat to the immersion heater was burned as on the attached picture This wire was connecting the thermostat to the immersion heater in the newly bought immersion heater I can detach it from the thermostat but it is permanently

Andrimax Immersion Heater For Boiling Bath Water

Immersion Water Heater 1500W Bucket Heater with StainlessSteel Guard Smart Timing Safe Portable Water Trough Heater for Hot Tub Inflatable Pool Bathtub Heats 5 Gallons Water in Minutes Black American Standard 9075120 SafeT Heater 750 x 481 x 356 Inches Black

Copper Cylinder For Sale In Uk 31 Used Copper Cylinders

JAPANESE 1Kg certified pure COPPER BULLION cylin For recycling old vintage heavy copper water cylinder for pick up collection only the lid has notches so it twists to lock chained to top two holes at bottom on one side patina copper cylinder has been used once but in excellent conditionHas been kept in a protective bag

Insulating Your Hot Water Tank Thegreenage

Apr 28 2014 Going from a completely uninsulated tank to a well insulated one by simply adding a jacket can save you around 150 a year or more so it is an absolute must if you can see your face reflecting off the shinny cooper hot water tank Based on a hot water jacket costing from about 25 the payback is in just a couple of months

Tankless Water Heaters 7 Pros And 6 Cons You Should

Apr 26 2021 According to the US Department of Energy tankless water heaters can be between 8 and 50 more energyefficient than tankstyle water heaters but the actual efficiency depends on the amount of hot water you use If you use less than 41 gallons of hot water per day a tankless heater is 2434 more efficient than a tankstyle heater

Need To Update An Old Copper Water Heater How Much Is

Sep 23 2008 need to update an old copper water heater how much is this worth Weve had many people contractors plumbers gas company mention that our 30 year old water heater solid copper is worth some money even when it dies Well it is dying and we are wondering what kind of money and how should we sell it to someone the copper is the

Copper Cylinder Descaling Mybuilder

Recently 2 newish hot taps have failed and were very Limescaled Water is heated by electric immersion heater in a copper cylinder The cylinder is at least 20yrs old maybe nearer 30

Electric Pool Heaters Heres What You Need To Know

May 19 2020 Another point worth mentioning about heat pumps is the initial cost If youre simply doing a price point comparison between a heat pump and a traditional electric pool heater the electric heater is always going to be the cheaper option based on actual costtobuy That doesnt mean theyre cheaper in the long run however

My Cylinder Immersion Heater Has Stoppers Working What

To buy an immersion heater you would properly expect to pay between 15 to 35 and maybe more on certain types of cylinders To have an immersion fitted you would most likely going to pay for at least 90minutes labour or more where the total cost would work out

How Often Should One Change The Heating Elements In A

Shut off power and drain the tank before removing the old elements and replacing them The water inside the tank may be over 120 degrees Fahrenheit even with a failed element so let the tank cool

Imersion Heater Plug Removalany Ideas Screwfix

Mar 25 2016 Trouble with old cylinders is as you do seem to be fully aware is the boss for the fitting may be strong but the surrounding copper isnt and its all to easy to go that bit too far Gledhill do a good stainless steel cylinder which you can get for about 15000 from most good merchants

Plumbing Prices For Central Heating Cylinder

Jul 03 2015 New 900x450 cylinder replaced my old one had split New cylinder fitted quickly and very tidy at good cost 45498 New immersion fitted Cable amp new AAV amp Inhibitor put into my heating all in the price 455 itemjob Bournemouth 20110426 18032011 I have had both a central heating pump amp a circuit board replaced on the hot water

16 Awesome Plumbing Tips That Can Save You A Fortune

Jan 20 2018 Take your old bits of copper to a scrap metal dealer never throw it away Its absolutely worth it getting one When removing an immersion heater leave as much water in the hot water cylinder as possible Sometimes a lot of force is required to unscrew an immersion heater By leaving a mass of water in the cylinder this will

Hot Water Cylinders Central Heating

RM Cylinders Indirect Cylinder 140Ltr 1050 x 450mm 40082 Product rating 38 out of 5 stars 16 Compare Compare Copper Construction 2 Year Manufacturers Guarantee TampCs Apply

Copper Boiler For Sale Ebay

Vintage POT PAN CAULDRON COPPER CERAMIC doubled boiler NEW YORK Hall 1083 10999 1175 shipping or Best Offer Antique 12 gal DoubleBurner Water Boiler Oblong Copperplated Wash Tub amp lid 6400

Clear Plastic Tubing Scrap Value Of Copper Hot Water

Jun 11 2019 Hot Water Copper Cylinder 400x1050mm Ive got a grade 2litre copper cylinder with an unwanted hole in it Ive already replaced it with a new cylinder and now have the to do Price for scrap copper immersion heater cylinder Aug 2009Any value for my old hot water tank Current price of scrap copper and brass A copper hot water tank two

Is It Worth It Scrap Old Hot Water Heater Hot Water

Jan 05 2018 takeonme writes I scored about 140 for mine Absolutely worth taking it down to your local scrapper And to maximise your return if its copper if you can strip it down to remove all the noncopper material so its just the copper then you should get a better rate if paying by the KG rather than a mixed rateKG or a lot job eg 50 for the tank not by the KG

Anyone Scrapped A Domestic Copper Hot Water Tank Recently

Its worth around 1500ton But its only worth that if its clean in the sense that anything not copper has been stripped off of it Youll get a much lower but still quite attractive

The Cost Of Replacing An Immersion Heater

May 07 2019 Labour Cost 27 inch copper immersion heater 12 hours 20 90 27 inch titanium immersion heater 12 hours 30 90

Immersion Heater Gone Again Talk Electrician Forum

Jul 03 2010 21 Jul 3 2010 7 I can buy the copper elements with a 1 year guarantee incoloy with a 2 year and titanium with a 5 year guarantee if your in a hard water area its worth fitting either incoloy or titanium Reply to immersion heater gone again in the Electrical Forum area at

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Hot Water Cylinder

Jan 20 2021 An immersion heater is also provided so that the boiler can be switched off in the summer and the cylinder takes over providing domestic hot water Comparing Quotes Could Save You Up To 40 Click To Get Quotes Price for replacing a hot water cylinder with a similar type and size A plumber will usually quote a day rate for this sort of job

How Much Is An Ac Worth For Scrap

Jun 19 2020 On average if you are scrapping a whole window air conditioning unit with you scrap yard you may get paid between 46 for it However if you take apart that same window unit you may be tripling your earnings by getting anywhere from 1218 for the various materials and metals inside especially the copper tubing Click to see full answer

Are Scrap Boilers Worth Anything General Discussions

Apr 13 2008 Years ago I can remember taking my old tank there when we changed from a immersion heater to a combi the old tank was quite large though compared to a combi The combi might be worth more for spare parts than scrap just an idea

Immersion Heater Thermostat Replacement Advice

With the old heating element removed from the hot water cylinder try to clean up any dirt and debris from inside and around the opening Once this is done time to fit the new immersion heater element and thermostat You should get a sealing washer with it I would also recommend using jointing compound on the thread to further stop any leaks

Should I Replace My Conventional Boiler With A Combi

Sep 23 2019 Currently we are thinking of replacing a 16 year old ideal heat only boiler with loft tanks hot water tank in the airing cupboard and a broken immersion heater that is not working we have a 4 bedroom house three toiletshowers with pumps and one cloak room

Immersion Heaters Hot Water Cylinders

Immersion heaters are electric heating elements that are found in water cylinders to heat water They act like a kettle to heat the surrounding water in the cylinder The benefit of an immersion heater element within your heating system is that it means even the boiler fails you should still be