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Case Study Improving Crusher And Mill Throughput And

Muckpile Fragmentation Crusher and Mill feed and product size distributions Crusher and Mill Throughput and Energy Consumption Recovery Results The results showed that Orica could improve the excavator productivity ROM fragmentation and crusher and mill

Influence Of Blasting On The Size Distribution And

rock properties blasting pattern charging etc influence the fragmentation in the muckpile All fragmentation models predict the right tendencies when primary factors like specific crushers and AG mills before being separated into fines and pellets material

Three Reasons Why Your Primary Crusher Feed Contains

Feb 05 2018 Changes in fragmentation and breakage characteristics of the feed are sometimes difficult to observe and consequently difficult to control These blockages can damage the crusher and take time to clear resulting in a serious bottleneck for the entire process After blasting an unusual quantity of oversized ore is found in the muckpile

Utilizing Basic Statistical Analysis And

was from photos taken of areas in the blast muckpile An alternate and more representative method is to take photos as the loads are dumped into the crusher A more general and manual alternative to commercial fragmentation analysis packages to analyze muck pile photos described in the paper A Blasters Tool to Measure Fragmentation 2008

Blasting Design Using Fracture Toughness And Image

blast fragmentation using the KuzRam model an empirical fragmentation model suggested by Cunningham The purpose of this study is to develop an empirical model to relate specific explosives energy ESE to blasting fragmentation reduction ratio RR and rock fracture toughness KIC

Influence Of Density Of Emulsion Explosives On Its

K00r Degree of fragmentation txcenent Figure 1 Blast fragment optimization or expenditure possible The efficiency of any mining operation depends on the fragmentation of the muckpile produced Rock fragmentation has been the subject of many studies as it is the most important aspect of produc tion blasting since it affects the cost of

Influence Of Density Of Emulsion Explosives On Its

detonation of emulsion explosives on fragmentation of blasted muckpile over a range of densities The density of explosives was varied from 06 to 11 gcc which resulted in the variation of detonation velocity from 3262 to 4624 ms Keywords Blasted muckpile

How To Get The Fragmentation You Want Strayos

Jul 24 2020 A recent survey of quarry companies attending Quarry Academy hosted by Dyno Nobel and Sandvik found that a whopping 60 of quarries feel their muck pile fragmentation could be better Only 2 felt the quality of their muck pile fragmentation was excellent 50 of the quarries stated that their major fragmentation issue was that the fragmentation was oversize 28 said it was

Developing The Digital Quarry The Epc Way Aggnet

A decrease in fuel usage by face excavators or frontend loaders also indicates improved fragmentation as does increased crusher throughput and percentage of split materials scalped off at the primary crusher or oversize in the muckpile Results from all these KPIs help us to make the correct decisions for future blast designs

Fragmentation Analysis User Guide Strayos

Users delineate the area where the fragmentation analysis is desired This area is delineated in red portion in Figure1 legend 1 Algorithm detect the rocks automatically and creates a size distribution This distribution is termed as the actual distribution and is shown in 1 legend 2Further d01 d50 d80 the uniformity factor n

Maximizing Profits With Fragmentation Analysis Hexagon

Aug 17 2020 Fragmentation of rock making rock small enough and loose enough to be efficiently excavated is essential to mining and is the preparatory stage in the extraction process Correct fragmentation means easier digging reduced shovel cycle times reduced rework less oversize causing downtime at the crusher lower cost crushing and

Webinar Summary After The Blast Measuring Blast

Jun 07 2021 Fragmentation Size Distribution Should Match the Optimal Feed Distribution of the Crusher So what you need to do is determine what your current size distribution is and then running a continuous improvement cycle to adjust drill and blast parameters measure changes and work towards where the two distributions match each other as close as possible

Powder Factor Selection For Improved Rock

From study it was observed that using PF 088 will increase production reduce downtimes on the crusher plant and also reduce general cost incurred by the mine From the research conducted it is recommended that for a better fragmentation to be obtained at CUT 4

Title Of Paper

The statement blasting is the first crusher is well known and it is expected that resulting fragmentation has an effect upon downstream operations and particularly primary crushing After the very encouraging results of the BlastControl ECCfunded project LafargeGranulats the largest aggregate producer in France accepted

Product Fragmentation Strayos

Fragmentation Analysis ReImagined AI Powered Muckpile and Rock Size Analysis Ask for Demo Muckpile AI Strayos muckpile AI platform is a cutting edge software solution that uses advanced image based machine learning techniques to accurately analyze rock size distribution size range and muckpile

The Austin Quarry Fragmentation Improves By

of secondary breaking Muckpile percentage below the crusher critical size 1000 mm was increased by 10 and the optimum size 600 mm by 15 Figure 5 Paradigm timing optimization for best fragmentation Figure 4 Theoretical damage model for ESTAR timing minimizing delay scatter Figure 3 Theoretical damage model

Measurement Of Size Distribution Of Blasted Rock

muckpile Therefore reliable evaluation of fragmentation is a critical mining problem1 Production of finer fragments in blasting operation reduces the workload of primary crushers therefore increasing the crusher efficiency and reducing the crushing cost Also crushing rate per hour will increase 2

Anatomy Of A Blast Muckpile Influence On Loading Machine

Dec 31 1995 Hanspal S Scoble M and Lizotte Y Sun Anatomy of a blast muckpile Influence on loading machine performance United States abstractNote This paper reviews the physical chemical and mechanical components of what is considered to be the anatomy of a blast muckpile These relate principally to geometry floor fragment size and shape

Stemming Plug And Its Effect On Fragmentation And Muckpile

Jan 01 2013 The present case study pertains to the analysis of the use of stemming plug and its effect on fragmentation and muckpile shape parameters in a solid bench of a limestone quarry located in the Philippines The quarry had major problems of improper fragmentation back break and poor heave characteristics of the muckpile The presence of fractures and fissures particularly in the top portion of

Fragmentation Analysis Proceedings Of Iserme 2018

fragmentation UAV is flown on blasted muckpile with video recording of images Blast fragmentation photographs are analysed using image analysis software Photographs are useful to calculate blasted rock volume This paper describes two case studies In one of aggregate granite quarry in Malaysia with the help of UAV

Preliminary Assessment Of The Effects Of Blast

fragmentation resulting from the blasting The particle size distribution of each blast was obtained and the mean fragment size correlated with the blast design parameters The percentage cumulative passing for gyratory crusher with the feed size of 1500 mm ranges between 928 to 100 The

Investigation Of Blast Fragmentation Models

increases crusher throughput Blast fragmentation models are helpful tools for estimating size distribution of blast muckpile There are different blast fragmentation models appearing in the literature Generally the first target of a blast fragmentation model is to predict mean fragment size 50 passing size Mean size is a

The Swebrec Function Linking Fragmentation By Blasting

JKMRC onefamily description of crusher breakage functions based on the t 10 concept to a minimum and iii the fines part of the muckpile another On a more detailed level the effect of single row blasts is 6 Comparison of fragmentation curves from model and fullscale blasts of B rarp granitic gneiss 18

Excavation 3 Flashcards Quizlet

1 height more than 40ft 2 bench widths not greater than 15 times bench height 3 min pit width 70 ft and max should be 125 ft 4 bench height to burden ratios should not exceed 45

Impact Of Rock Fragmentation On Crusher

Sep 1 2011 a The crusher needs to be gapped on a more regular basis based on the for adverse blast effects such as vibration air blast level and fly rock Holes drilled too close together result in overfine rock fragmentation Chat Online

Managing Muckpile Fragmentation Workshop

Managing Muckpile Fragmentation Workshop Scott G Giltner Outline Review of factors affecting fragmentation Burden amp Spacing Powder factor Delay time amp accuracy Fragmentation modeling Comminution or Breakage 60 80 100 Cum passing Insitu ROM Crusher Product 10000 0 20 40 01 1 10 100 1000Size mm Fragmentation Parameters Joint Spacing

Pdf Postmuckpile Preprimary Crusher Automated

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V117n4a2 An Investigation Into The Fragmentation Of

the effect on fragmentation and overall blast performance Fragmentation analysis of the blasted muckpile Throughput rate of the crushing plant by means of a time study Power consumption of the primary crusher using the Bond Work Index and applying this to the blasted material Owing to time constraints the results of

Firing Patterns And Its Effect On Muckpile

fragmentation muckpile profile was of dome shape and in case of finer fragmentation muckpile profile was spread over large area 21 This may be due to the inertia and interlocking effect of the coarse fragments 2 OBJECTIVE The main objective of research study was to investigate the

Rock Fragmentation Size Analysis Systems Splittruckcam

Get on the path to understanding what is happening at the muckpile Rock fragmentation from different blast designs can be evaluated to help optimize blasting Understand the Crusher Performance and the Feed to the Circuit Measure the feed variability and correlate to crusher throughput and reduction ratios

Modelling Fines In Blast Fragmentation And

size distribution of ROM fragmentation is obtained from the images of blasted muckpiles In hard and massive rock blasting the surface of the muckpile is usually coarser because the rocks in this zone are usually generated from the stemming region and from the front row containing back break Figure 2 Coarse zone fragment Figure 2

Distribution Analysis Of Rock Fragments Size Based On

and in selecting other crushers and conveyor systems Optimum fragmentation size may not be the required size but knowing the size distribution for blast and rock mass conditions the contractor can adapt the blasting if possible 2 For prediction of the fragmentation size after blasting the KuzRam model is generally used

Stemming Plugs Improve Blasting Productivity Quarry

Feb 01 2007 The VariStem plug trials at Rich Hill Quarry resulted in performance benefits in terms of improved fragmentation and increased primary crusher productivity The findings provide evidence of the benefits of stemming plugs for improved blast performance as represented by a 27 per cent decrease in the mean size of rock in the postblast muck

Investigation Of Rock Blast Fragmentation Based On

Investigation of rock blast fragmentation based on specific explosive energy and insitu block size the crusher throughput and the energy consumption the plant efficiency yield and recovery size of a muckpile is a function of powder factor and the geological structure He suggested that for a particular rock type the mean

A Systemwide Approach To Minimize The Operational

2 Crusher circuit constant L Bench length M ic Crushing work index n Blast geometry constant N Number of blast hole P 50 Mean fragmentation size P 80 80 passing size p e Price of ANFO P max Maximum particle size Q e Required amount of ANFO R Maximum allowable feed size of crusher r D Drill rate S Spacing S e Relative weight strength of